How To Bring Your System In For Service

If you’re bringing a laptop (notebook) computer for service, bring the machine itself and don’t forget your AC Adapter and Power Cord.  If you’re bringing a desktop system, the tower itself is all I need, you can leave the power cord at home (these are standard, and I’ve got plenty here).  You can also leave your peripherals at home (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, printers, scanners, cameras, etc.) UNLESS these items need service also. 

As for software disks, if you are having problems with the functionality of a particular software program, or peripheral (say, a printer), you might want to bring the associated software program disk, in case I need to reinstall it.  Windows System Disks (“Recovery” Disks or CDs)  are sometimes needed for serious repairs, although it’s not really possible to determine in advance whether these disks will be needed or not.  So, when in doubt, bring the disks along anyhow, or be prepared for the necessity of bringing these disks back if it turns out that they are needed after all.

If we do need the disks, but they can’t be found, new ones can be obtained, often at a very nominal price.

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