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Why Don’t You Offer On-Site Service, Guru?

November 4, 2009

The Computer Guru

The entire business and technical “model” for on-site service (as practiced by “The Geek Squad” and various Computer Guru competitors in Santa Fe) is flawed and deeply dishonest, misleading, and unworkable.  On-Site work may appear to be a “convenience” for the customer, but usually turns out to be a big rip-off instead.

Here’s why:

The typical or average computer system requires several hours of work to be put right — often an entire day, 6-8 hours, of bench time.  This work includes running repeated operating system and applications updates, and frequent, multiple virus and spyware scans, each of which must scan every single file on your computer — tens of thousands of files, several times over.  There is no such thing as a “quick” virus or spyware fix; it takes many hours of scanning and cleaning — like scraping the barnacles off the bottom of a very big boat. 

Same for the critical software updates needed to keep your system up-to-date, reliable, and secure — these, alone, can take hours to download and install correctly and completely.

When someone offers to come to your home and fix your computer, are they planning to stay all day and charge you for every hour — maybe join you for dinner, even?  Or (more likely), are they planning to perform a quick (inadequate, incomplete) fix for an hour or so, grab your money, and head off to their next job?  In which case, your problems will probably reappear in a few weeks, and you’ll be back to where you started?

By contrast, The Computer Guru puts your system on the bench, checks it out, and gives you a firm estimate for the work to be done.  Then I work on your computer for as long as it takes to make it perfect.  This isn’t unnecessary perfectionism or overkill — it’s absolutely necessary.  Because I can work on several machines at one time (unlike somebody who comes to your home), you pay a very fair flat fee, rather than a steep hourly fee, and the cost of repairing your computer is shared, if you will, among my many customers.

It’s a smart, sensible way of doing business, proven over the course of the last 12 years at The Computer Guru.  Welcome aboard!