XP Is Dead, Long Live XP!

I still use Windows XP on my various home and business computers, and I still sell about 75% of my new (and refurbished) systems with XP installed.  But I like Windows 7 well enough — it’s pretty fast, and the 64-bit version (the only one I’d bother with) supports large amounts of system memory, well beyond XP’s 3.2GB limit.  The fact that Windows 7 is Vista-like in appearance makes one fear and tremble, however — like a Vietnam Vet who sees a palm tree in Beverly Hills and freaks out, thinking he’s back in the jungle. 

XP was such a solid product that it still doesn’t “feel old” yet, after all these years, although I can see that someday it will.  We all owe the Netbook phenomenon a debt of gratitude, because even though these tiny machines are quite limited in functionality and performance and usefulness (I think most people buy them because they’re “cute”), their arrival on the scene has extended the product lifetime of XP by years.  Nice work, Guys!

Microsoft annoyingly killed off a lot of good XP features when they developed Vista, and these much-missed features remain dead on Windows 7.  But gazing into the Computer Guru’s crystal ball, I can see that we’ll all end up on Windows 7 (or something like it) eventually, just like most people switched from records to CDs even though vinyl records had many advantages.  If you think it’s hard to fight City Hall, try Microsoft.

When you buy a new computer system from The Computer Guru, you needn’t choose whatever the local office or electronics store has to sell you — I can build you virtually anything in a matter of hours.  XP, Vista, Windows 7…even Windows 2000 or 98SE systems, if you insist!  The choice is yours.  And you can sit down before you buy and have a nice cozy chat with me about what operating system and hardware configuration/specification would meet your needs best. 

There’s no better way to find a great, affordable computer system that will really suit you.  More on why The Computer Guru’s systems are the very best in a later blog entry.  Kirk out.

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  1. Jess Ours Says:

    Hey, great point. Posts like this post are why I

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