Just An Ordinary Day…

A Job Well Done

From: (Two Happy & Satisfied Computer Guru Customers)
Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 9:41 AM
To: ssalemi@earthlink.com
Subject: Guru Ultra Mini

Good morning all mighty Guru Steven… Pam and Joyce here.  We wanted to let you know that all went quite well with setting up the Ultra Mini.  All systems are go and we are totally pleased with the system’s performance and with all of the good, sound advice from you.

We will await your call or email when the other monitor arrives.  Also, we want to bring in a couple of laptops and see if you can’t bring them up to speed.

Thanks again for all of your help,


3 Responses to “Just An Ordinary Day…”

  1. Philip Fleming Says:


    The tower works GREAT! I just plugged everything in and away I went without a hitch. Thank you. BTW, Joyce and Pam are good friends and they know their computers so you now have some VERY loyal customers!

    • Steven Salemi Says:

      Thanks for the Good Words, Phil! Expecting a brand new computer install to go without a hitch is ambitious, given all the trouble that folks usually have with computers (old and new), but in your case, we set the bar even higher by “cloning” the operating system and applications environment of your old dead Dell laptop onto a brand new Computer Guru Tower! That way, when you switched on your brand new system for the first time, ALL your programs, data, customizations, desktop — even your wallpaper and screen saver! — were EXACTLY like your old system. More work for The Computer Guru, but zero transition time and absolutely no learning curve for you. Enjoy!

    • Steven Salemi Says:


      I know Pam was very ill and I’m afraid to contact Joyce in the event that the news is very bad. Could you let me know? Thanks, Steven Salemi The Computer Guru Santa Fe

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