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Everybody Loves A Saga!

November 17, 2010
Ready To Help!

Just Call The Guru, and YOU TOO Can Avoid Painful Sagas!

See, it was like this — I was at a friend’s booksigning party the other day, and fell into conversation with a fellow who related to me his long, sad computing saga.  As this sad saga unreeled, I marvelled at the great contrast between what this fellow put himself through — by “free-will choice” — and what he would have experienced had he simply brought the computer to The Computer Guru!

Briefly, his computer had Windows Vista on it, as-installed by the manufacturer (had he purchased the computer from me, I’d have offered him the much-superior Windows XP instead).  Never being very happy with Vista (along with thousands of others like him), he decided to make the big decision and upgrade to Windows 7.  Good call — except, thinking that such a job is easy (where did he get THAT wild idea?), he tried to do it himself. 

Unfortunately, after the upgrade was “complete,” his computer was worse than before. 

Some of the old problems remained and there were some new ones as well; one was the video system, which needed to be upgraded.  So he went to the local Best Buy and bought a video card with a howling chip fan that sounded like a vacuum cleaner (had he come to The Computer Guru instead — is there an echo in here? — he could have chosen from a wide variety of superior FANLESS video cards that are absolutely silent).  Anyway, he finally got the video issue resolved — maybe — but things were still SUCH A MESS that he decided he needed help.

So far so bad, but did he contact The Computer Guru for help?  Nawwwww….he went onto CRAIGSLIST (!) and found a pleasant, eager young man who promised he could solve all his problems quickly and easily.  The young man showed up and proceeded to puzzle his way through problems that he really had no idea how to solve (but I’m sure he made a good show of working hard at it).  A full day later, the young man was paid off and on his way, but the computer was STILL not working right.


….the man decided to “give up” and went and bought a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed.  Well, that is certainly ONE way to get Windows 7, although I perform approximately 6-12 Windows 7 upgrades per week, every week, on Windows XP and Vista systems, all of them 100% successful, without exposing my valued customers to any of the difficulties or headaches this fellow put himself through. 

Since he ended up with a brand-new computer, one can only assume that ALL the time and ALL the money and ALL the energy spent on the “old” computer was wasted. But that machine could easily have been upgraded at a nominal cost here by The Computer Guru in a single work day, “in by 10, out by 6!”  With no need to reinstall programs, backup data, perform scores of updates, scare up old, lost software disks….

So, as my retelling of this remarkable saga draws to a close, is our hero happy with his new computer?  “It’s pretty good,” he said, “but I’ve still got a few problems with it…”

For those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and fingers with which to dial or punch characters into a mechanical or on-screen keyboard or keypad: JUST CONTACT THE COMPUTER GURU! 

Telephone: (505) 992-8462 in Santa Fe or E-Mail: or text me at (505) 913-9050 or, best of all, visit The Computer Guru at 844 Agua Fria Street in Santa Fe, at the Northeast Corner of the intersection of Agua Fria Street and St. Francis Drive.  Estimates are free, and there’s plenty of free, easy, convenient off-street parking….

Unless you REALLY enjoy a saga, that is!