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An Early Report From “The Cloud”

October 20, 2011
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So, a client of mine was having trouble logging into his account (The “Q” stands for “Qwest,” now “CenturyLink”), which he previously accessed using the website, exclusively. At one time, Qwest and Microsoft had a cozy arrangement whereby Qwest users received lower monthly DSL rates thanks to Microsoft subsidizing part of the costs in exchange for distributing bucketloads of Windows “Live” and “MSN” -type software products to Qwest users. A win-win situation, right?

And all those Hotmail users can pat themselves on the back for being early users of the oft-discussed, much-hyped, and eagerly anticipated “cloud,” i.e., none of their important e-mail information is stored locally on their own machines, but instead stored safely and reliably and permanently (i.e., “happily ever after”) in “The Cloud!”

Right? Wrong!

You see, Microsoft and Qwest (now CenturyLink, a reminder that you’d better get used to hearing, every time you call the company for support) had a DIVORCE. So, my client — and God knows how many other users just like him — lost ALL HIS E-MAIL and ALL HIS E-MAIL ADDRESSES, which were permanently and irretrievably deleted from the “Hotmail Cloud” as a result of this divorce!

Perhaps it’s an unusual event, but it just goes to show you — if you don’t OWN the cloud, can you really complain when the cloud blows away and all you see is a cloudless azure sky?

Call me old-fashioned, but I recommend Microsoft Outlook 2010, with one or more reliable backup systems. Hey, you, get off of their cloud, and get onto your own!

I’d be happy to install both of these items for you. That way, I can sleep at night, anyhow!