A High-Tech Music Box From The Computer Guru

The client, a local musician, needed a powerful yet portable system capable of production-quality digital recording, playback, editing, and storage tasks.  No laptop on earth, not even a high-end Macintosh or PC, came close to meeting his needs.

Together, we designed, configured, and built a state-of-the-art portable desktop music computer that does the job beautifully.  Great “bones” (an Intel i7 processor, lots of fast RAM, Solid State Drives, and an Apogee Symphony 64 Digital I/O Interface Card) move the music forward, while a variety of carefully-chosen peripherals (including a combination keyboard/trackpad unit from Logitech and a very thin and light portable LCD Monitor from Lenovo) helped make it luggable. A nifty high-tech storage bag from REI allows him to carry the whole system around like a knapsack on his back or shoulders.

Got special personal or professional computing needs?  Call The Guru Today!

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