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Got XP If You Want It!

February 28, 2013


Just as I’ve been cranking out a large number of Windows 7 systems in response to disgruntled Windows 8 users, a long-time client — a savvy businessperson and very excellent fellow — comes in and needs a brand new powerful Windows XP system, of all things — built to order! No problem. Of course.

Within hours, I’d constructed a fast Windows XP Professional system with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, tons of RAM, Blu-Ray optical drive, memory card reader, THREE hard drives (a speedy solid state drive for Windows and applications, a second traditional drive for data, and a third traditional drive for backup), and dual-monitor capability. Unlike machines supplied by big-box stores, this system — which was running Windows 7 yesterday, although it could have just as easily been built with Windows 8 — is actually engineered to support Windows XP natively. Beware…many Windows 8 machines can not and will not run anything but Windows 8!

Watch the YouTube video above for a tired computer guru showing off this latest technological marvel in full HD.

Got Windows 7 If You Want It!

February 16, 2013


Since it’s every bit as easy for me to prepare a Windows 7 system as it is for me to prepare a Windows 8 system, I’m constantly astonished at how many phone calls I get from people who have purchased Windows 8 systems, can’t stand the experience, and are desperate for me to sell them a new Windows 7 system, or replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 on their existing system.  When I tell them that it’s no problem either way, the callers are incredulous, like they don’t believe me or something.

After all, how could I have brand new Windows 7 systems for sale, when that big bright gigantic office or big box- store has nothing but Windows 8 systems?

Hey, take the red pill, kids!

The purpose of this piece isn’t to go on a rant about how (or whether) “Windows 8 stinks,” it’s to let potential customers know that The Computer Guru has the largest selection of Windows 7 systems in the State of New Mexico!  I can build any custom system with Windows 7, and I have a wide variety of new and refurbished desktop and notebook systems on display which are already equipped with Windows 7, ready for buyers to take home.  If you see something you like in my showroom and it happens to have Windows 8, just give me a few hours and the system will be professionally transformed into a fine Windows 7 system, guaranteed by The Guru.

In short, Windows 7 systems are absolutely no problem when you turn to The Computer Guru for all your computing needs.  By the way, it will cost you less, in both money and time and hassle, if you come here first — before going through that unnecessary office/big box-store loop!

Heck, you can even have Windows 98 or Windows XP systems if you want them…but that’s another subject for another day.

Classic Computer Guru Ads — The Godfather

February 14, 2013


From 1997 – 2007, I advertised The Computer Guru business heavily in local publications such as The Santa Fe Reporter, The Santa Fe New Mexican (including, and especially, the Friday Pasatiempo arts supplement), The Los Alamos Monitor, and other area rags.  In the end, these were unhappy business experiences (the management and staff of these publications all admirably demonstrating the veracity of The Peter Principle), but these elaborate ad campaigns did help build my business, and gave me an opportunity to have some fun with the creative aspect of ad-creation.

This ad was one of my favorites, me being of Italian (even Sicilian) descent, and (like many people) a great fan of Mario Puzo’s books and Francis Ford Coppola’s films (well, two out of three, anyhow — Godfather III was a stinker).  Isn’t the internet great?  I mean, when I was putting together the ad, I found a “Corleone” typeface on the internet that even included the “glyphs” of the puppet-master hands.  And it was fun to fool, for one week anyhow, with my otherwise sacred business name and pose as “The Computer Godfather” and relish the wicked double entendre gangster taglines.

Raymond Chandler felt that both chess and advertising were tremendous wastes of human intelligence, but I had a good time with the latter, although it was an expensive amusement.  More classic Computer Guru ads to come!

Valentines Day Tech Flash: Lost Love for Traditional PCs Renewed

February 11, 2013


A client brought in a Windows XP system she was using at home to generate product literature for her business, and perform music editing, ripping, and burning tasks.  She had no desire to purchase a new computer, or new peripherals (printers, scanners), or even to switch to a newer version of Windows, not to mention a Macintosh!  She just hankered for greater performance, but insisted on keeping her existing system and programs  (her work-methods, if you wish) — which were all carefully constructed, installed, updated, maintained, tuned, and perfected over a period of years — completely intact.

Naturally, I was able to help, and as I performed the upgrades, I marvelled at the beauty of the traditional PC architecture.  Without toppling the house of cards, I upgraded her dual-core Intel processor to a quad-core version (the updated processor was fully compatible with her existing mainboard!), doubled the RAM, replaced her primary traditional hard drive with a fast Solid State Drive (SSD), added an internal backup drive and a full-time automated backup program, and installed a memory card reader for the front panel of the box.

A few hours later, her original computer was completely transformed — the speed was easily double what she had before — and yet, the system and the programs functioned in the exact same manner as they did before.  No learning or relearning was required, no money needed to be spent on a new operating system or new programs to replace older ones — she was, literally, able to keep the best of what she had, and selectively upgrade the elements that were no longer carrying their weight and moving along at 2013 speeds.

Now honestly, can one perform this kind of comprehensive upgrade on a Macintosh system?  Nope.  Can one do it on a factory-built Dell or HP or Compaq or Gateway or Lenovo or Acer or Asus or Samsung or Sony system?  Nope.  Can one do it on a custom-built Computer Guru PC?  Sure.  Just call, visit, e-mail, or text The Computer Guru Today!