Valentines Day Tech Flash: Lost Love for Traditional PCs Renewed


A client brought in a Windows XP system she was using at home to generate product literature for her business, and perform music editing, ripping, and burning tasks.  She had no desire to purchase a new computer, or new peripherals (printers, scanners), or even to switch to a newer version of Windows, not to mention a Macintosh!  She just hankered for greater performance, but insisted on keeping her existing system and programs  (her work-methods, if you wish) — which were all carefully constructed, installed, updated, maintained, tuned, and perfected over a period of years — completely intact.

Naturally, I was able to help, and as I performed the upgrades, I marvelled at the beauty of the traditional PC architecture.  Without toppling the house of cards, I upgraded her dual-core Intel processor to a quad-core version (the updated processor was fully compatible with her existing mainboard!), doubled the RAM, replaced her primary traditional hard drive with a fast Solid State Drive (SSD), added an internal backup drive and a full-time automated backup program, and installed a memory card reader for the front panel of the box.

A few hours later, her original computer was completely transformed — the speed was easily double what she had before — and yet, the system and the programs functioned in the exact same manner as they did before.  No learning or relearning was required, no money needed to be spent on a new operating system or new programs to replace older ones — she was, literally, able to keep the best of what she had, and selectively upgrade the elements that were no longer carrying their weight and moving along at 2013 speeds.

Now honestly, can one perform this kind of comprehensive upgrade on a Macintosh system?  Nope.  Can one do it on a factory-built Dell or HP or Compaq or Gateway or Lenovo or Acer or Asus or Samsung or Sony system?  Nope.  Can one do it on a custom-built Computer Guru PC?  Sure.  Just call, visit, e-mail, or text The Computer Guru Today!

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