Classic Computer Guru Ads — The Godfather


From 1997 – 2007, I advertised The Computer Guru business heavily in local publications such as The Santa Fe Reporter, The Santa Fe New Mexican (including, and especially, the Friday Pasatiempo arts supplement), The Los Alamos Monitor, and other area rags.  In the end, these were unhappy business experiences (the management and staff of these publications all admirably demonstrating the veracity of The Peter Principle), but these elaborate ad campaigns did help build my business, and gave me an opportunity to have some fun with the creative aspect of ad-creation.

This ad was one of my favorites, me being of Italian (even Sicilian) descent, and (like many people) a great fan of Mario Puzo’s books and Francis Ford Coppola’s films (well, two out of three, anyhow — Godfather III was a stinker).  Isn’t the internet great?  I mean, when I was putting together the ad, I found a “Corleone” typeface on the internet that even included the “glyphs” of the puppet-master hands.  And it was fun to fool, for one week anyhow, with my otherwise sacred business name and pose as “The Computer Godfather” and relish the wicked double entendre gangster taglines.

Raymond Chandler felt that both chess and advertising were tremendous wastes of human intelligence, but I had a good time with the latter, although it was an expensive amusement.  More classic Computer Guru ads to come!

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