Got XP If You Want It!


Just as I’ve been cranking out a large number of Windows 7 systems in response to disgruntled Windows 8 users, a long-time client — a savvy businessperson and very excellent fellow — comes in and needs a brand new powerful Windows XP system, of all things — built to order! No problem. Of course.

Within hours, I’d constructed a fast Windows XP Professional system with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, tons of RAM, Blu-Ray optical drive, memory card reader, THREE hard drives (a speedy solid state drive for Windows and applications, a second traditional drive for data, and a third traditional drive for backup), and dual-monitor capability. Unlike machines supplied by big-box stores, this system — which was running Windows 7 yesterday, although it could have just as easily been built with Windows 8 — is actually engineered to support Windows XP natively. Beware…many Windows 8 machines can not and will not run anything but Windows 8!

Watch the YouTube video above for a tired computer guru showing off this latest technological marvel in full HD.

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