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Classic Computer Guru Ads

March 13, 2013
Another Classic Computer Guru Advertisement

Another Classic Computer Guru Advertisement

Here’s another favorite from The Computer Guru’s advertising archives, “Do You Guru?”  This rich, evocative, and flexible advertising slogan (and theme) can hold it’s own with the very best Madison Avenue has ever had to offer (in my humble opinion), and might have had “legs” long enough to carry me into the 22nd century.  But I stopped advertising shortly after introducing this one.

Sorry, Men’s Group Alumni, I couldn’t resist the popular theme of a bright, sparkly, intelligent, energetic woman contrasted with a sorry example of my own gender (years later, I still can’t look at the poor fellow’s trench coat and anguished expression without laughing — a failed flasher?).

Anyway, my cousin Rusty offered a great quote from none other than the immortal Mary Poppins, which I would like to repeat here, with reference (obviously) to the history of The Computer Guru’s advertising campaign:

” In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”  And for me, that includes the grisly and usually thankless game of advertising.