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Let The People Speak!

April 30, 2013

Let The People Speak!

The Hard-Working Computer Guru, Caught Unawares By The Paparazzi

Hello Steven:

Thank you very much once again for your immaculately professional and devoted effort with reconditioning my Dell Inspiron laptop yesterday.

The machine is performing much better today with a noticeable step up in speed. The font and other display modification you made to my internet Explorer browser are also very appealing.

— B.K., Santa Fe

It’s ART, I Tell You!!!

April 20, 2013
At The Sign of The Apple

At The Sign of The Apple

You know, apples have always been one of my favorite fruits — both visually and taste-wise — so I hired a local artist to create an attractive apple sculpture for the front of “The Ashram” (The Computer Guru’s Office & Showroom & Service Facility) at 844 Agua Fria Street here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the southeast corner of the intersection of Agua Fria Street and St. Francis Drive (across from Lotus Beauty).

So the next time you’re giving people directions to The Computer Guru (in other words, steering them towards the very best computer shop anywhere), just tell them “it’s the place with the giant apple in front!!!”

I mean, there can’t be too many other places like that, can there?

Oh, and yes, I do sell and service Apple computers — just a coincidence, of course.

And PCs.  Right!

PCs to the Rescue: Voice Recognition

April 13, 2013

My esteemed client Jude Heimel of Jude Heimel & Associates in Santa Fe, New Mexico had an unfortunate injury involving an overzealous, oversized dog and a very frightened rabbit. A serious recuperation period was the result, including strict orders from the doctor — NO KEYBOARDING! What to do, go on unemployment? Switch Professions?

Naaaaaaaahh…just keep working, thanks to quality PC desktop and notebook computers and dedicated support from The Computer Guru in Santa Fe…plus Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition Software!