You CAN Afford A Ferrari!!!


A Computer Guru “Ferrari” High-Power
Custom-Built Workstation, that is!

A client needed a powerful machine, custom-configured to run SIX (that is 6, half-a-dozen) monitors simultaneously for financial trading (the stock market being an excellent way to make money, lately — but BE CAREFUL!).  I responded with this beauty, one of the fastest and smoothest computers I’ve ever used.  Hand built by yours truly, it features a “Micro SSD” primary 256GB Hard Drive which is really more of a chip than a drive, and two other traditional drives, one for data storage, and a third for back-up.  Quiet, smooth, elegant, who could ask for anything more?


From the owner: “Many thanks again for your expertise, diligence and high standards which have enabled me to shift to a much improved performance path for my personal computer.”

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