Are PCs Trucks…or are Tablets Bicycles?


The late Steve Jobs had a good point when he compared traditional computers to trucks and tablets to cars.  At least, it sounds like a good point.  He believed that most people will need only tablets while some people will still need the added utility of a PC.

But how many people are really better off with a tablet than with a computer, be it notebook or desktop? Some people use both, of course…but that’s another subject…

Many people are still in the honeymoon phase with their tablets.  And so perhaps they haven’t noticed all the limitations, shortcomings, annoyances, and frustrations.  Tablets, including the mighty iPAD, lack keyboards and precision pointing devices, printer support, wired internet connectivity (welcome to “EMF Everywhere,” living surrounded by Wi-Fi and Cellular signals day and night, at home and at work), photo and document scanning capabilities, removable data and peripheral storage, high-quality sound systems, the ability to make and copy CDs and DVDs, the ability to upgrade existing features and capabilities, the ability to run Adobe Flash websites and apps on the iPAD…heck, I could go on and on and on.

So maybe a PC is not a truck — it’s a car.  And maybe a tablet is not a car — it’s a bicycle!

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