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Computer Guru 1, Pomegranate Juice 0!

November 20, 2013


So a client called (I feel like a private detective when I tell these real life computing stories — “a gorgeous blonde walked into my office carrying a smoking revolver…”), saying that he spilled pomegranate juice all over his Asus tablet, with the result that several hundred important art photos were locked up inside.  Could I save them?

The tablet was in a semi-functional state, having been heavily juiced, and it wasn’t a sure thing.  The ports through which information might be retrieved were all clogged up with sticky juice.  But I said I’d give it a try.  A few hours later I’d devised several methods of rescuing the endangered photos, eventually moving them onto a smart phone and freedom…problem solved!!!

We all felt like a drink after this close call, but not Pomegranate Juice…


November 8, 2013
FOUR XP Systems?!?!?  Mission Impossible...

FOUR XP Systems?  By TONIGHT?!?!?  Mission Impossible…NOT!
(Photo by K. Fox)

I got an unusual request from a client — he needed four computer towers running licensed copies of Windows XP SP3 (long retired by Microsoft), and he needed them in a hurry — by the end of the same day he called.  I agreed, not sure where they all would come from, but hoping and trusting I could manage it.

When I arrived at work, there were sufficient components on hand to build three, and a few hours later another client showed up, bought a new laptop, and traded in his old desktop machine, which became machine #4.  All machines were built and delivered on time, the client is happy, and it’s back to business as usual — selling new and refurbished Apple and Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1 desktop and notebook systems, and performing upgrades, repairs, and maintenance on existing systems…

…and, occasionally, pulling a rabbit (or four) out of my hat…