“Brain Transplants”– A Computer Guru Specialty!

Cheat (Computer) Death With Help From The Computer Guru!

Cheat (Computer) Death With Help From The Computer Guru!

A very common computer catastrophe is when the entire system “dies,” usually caused by a failed system board (also called a “mainboard” or “motherboard” or “logic board”).  Since it can be quite costly and time-consuming to locate and install a suitable replacement, customers usually opt for a new computer system.  That’s fine with me — it was obviously time to upgrade, and there is a fine selection of really great, affordable machines in my showroom at all times.

But what about all the customer’s data, programs, updates, customizations (collectively, “old stuff”)?

Well, any geek from the squad can copy files from an old dead machine to a new one (uh, maybe), but what about all those “legacy” programs, whose installation disks and product keys have long vanished in the mists of time?  They can’t be transferred.  What about specialized customizations and configuration settings?  They can’t be moved over either.  And what if the customer simply doesn’t FEEL like learning or using a new operating system (usually Windows 8 or Mac OSX Mavericks, if you shop elsewhere, although The Computer Guru can provide any operating system you choose, from Windows 95 to Windows 8.1 to Macintosh Snow Leopard and Lion, and everything in-between).

The bottom line is, many customers simply want their old computer back, exactly the way it was (is that the denial stage of mourning a dead loved one?).  Sure, more power and better internet security would be great, but wouldn’t it be nice to see that same old familiar comfortable Windows or Macintosh desktop, intact, with all the icons in the right places, every single program still fully-functional and working just the way it worked before, right down to the favorite picture of Fido chewing his bone or the family having fun on that rafting trip?

At The Computer Guru, technical miracles happen every working day.  Amongst my many specialties is the very tricky task of transplanting an old hard drive (“brain”), complete with every single bit of data (operating system, applications, personal data — everything) into a new or refurbished computer system unit (“body”), and — read my lips — reworking the software in very specialized and exacting ways so that the old system can be brought to life again perfectly inside the new system.

Desktop or Laptop, absolutely nothing is lost!

So even though your computer has died, don’t give up.  Forget what anyone else may have to say about it (including your inner pessimist).  Just bring it to The Computer Guru and we can discuss the many ways we might go about bringing it back to life.

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