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Are EMFs BAD? Better Lose That Wi-Fi, Dude!

January 7, 2014

What's a Few Brain Cells Anyway?

We all know the benefits — easy, instant access to information and communications, anyway, anyhow, anywhere — but what about the “dark side” of our totally interconnected wireless world?

Why has The Council of Europe called for a ban on Wi-Fi use in schools and recommended wired internet connections instead?

Why has the Israeli Ministry of Education issued new guidelines regarding WiFi use in schools (as of 27 August 2013, the guidelines will stop the installation of wireless networks in classrooms prior to the first grade and limit the use of WiFi between first and third grades; teachers will be required to turn off mobile phones and WiFi routers when they are not being used).

Why did the the French National Assembly vote on 19 March 2013 to adopt the precautionary principle to WiFi in schools in order to protect children’s health,  French Ministers voting to promote wired connections in schools and not WiFi?

Why has the European Environmental Agency called for immediate action to limit exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and mobile phone towers?  Why have some schools in England, France and Canada dismantled their Wi-Fi and reverted to a wired system due to concerns raised by parents and teachers, and also due to health symptoms experienced by some children?

Are you getting the picture?  Our beloved Wi-Fi — the same technology that allowed the late Steve Jobs, sporting somebody else’s liver and hanging on to life thanks to a cocktail of exotic, expensive anti-cancer drugs specifically targeted to his own genetic blueprint —  to “hold the internet in his hands” with his brand new baby, the wonderful but Wireless/Wi-Fi-dependent Apple iPAD?

If you, too, are concerned with the health effects of Wi-Fi, just come visit The Computer Guru.  After sitting down and discussing your needs, I can recommend, configure, and provide equipment that will allow you to minimize or eliminate your exposure to potentially harmful Wi-Fi signals in your home or office.