New Dell Makeover (Or “Building ’em Right The Second Time Around”)


A client brought in a new Dell tower he’d bought recently, and — like thousands of users worldwide — he just couldn’t stand Windows 8.  Plus, the performance of this system wasn’t that terrific, surprising because it had a speedy Intel Core i7 processor and plenty of RAM.  And why couldn’t this expensive system, which supposedly had everything and did everything, even back itself up?!?!?

Could The Computer Guru salvage this system and help make it satisfying to use, keep its programs and data perennially safe, and transform it from an expensive, frustrating desktop paperweight to a pleasant and productive computing companion, and a worthwhile personal and business investment?

Of course!  Need you have asked?

Saving the baby here was a day-long effort, but the results were worth it.

First off, I replaced the primary 2TB traditional hard drive with a 512GB Solid State Drive — then added a second 1TB traditional hard drive for data storage — and made the original 2TB primary drive a “tertiary” (third) internal drive devoted solely to backup (specifically, backing up the primary and secondary drives mentioned above — i.e., backing up everything).

Naturally, all backup tasks are now fully-automatic and self-contained, requiring no external devices and no user intervention whatsoever.

Then I supplied and installed Windows 7 with a lifetime license onto the solid state disk, and reprogrammed the machine to deal easily and transparently with all three drives, and all the original Windows 8-compatible hardware (sound, video, chipset, network adapters, etc.).

The result?  Astounding performance (no “crapware” or “bloatware” ever comes installed on systems from The Computer Guru!), absolute data security, and an easy familiar computing experience with the popular, proven, and essentially excellent Windows 7.  Given carte blanche, I would have upgraded the video in the system as well — which would have resulted in superior graphics capabilities — but we decided to leave that for next time.

If, like my client, you’ve made the mistake of purchasing a Windows 8 system — or if your existing system, ANY system (Windows or Macintosh) requires a makeover upgrade for improved performance, reliability, security, ease-of-use, or what-have-you — just bring it to The Computer Guru in Santa Fe!

Only The Computer Guru has the knowledge, the experience, the problem-solving skills, the intelligence, and the creativity to turn all your electronic sow’s ears into silk purses.

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