The Quick(en) and the Dead (In the Water)


A client came in with a curious problem: she had years of important financial information on her Macintosh system and for years she used “Quicken 2004” to work with this information.  But when she upgraded to the latest “Mavericks” operating system, she could no longer run the Quicken 2004 program — it is not Mavericks-compatible.  So she downloaded the latest (indeed, the only) Quicken program available for Mavericks — “Quicken Essentials for Mac” — but found that this version could not open or convert her Quicken 2004 data files.

What to do?

I thought hard about the problem and came upon a workable solution:  we purchased a second-hand copy of “Quicken 2005 for Macintosh” and installed this program on an older Macintosh I keep in the shop for such occasions (Quicken 2005 does not run on Mavericks either).  We then opened each of her “Quicken 2004” files in “Quicken 2005,” which converted them automatically to Quicken 2005 format.  THIS format can be converted (using a special conversion tool included with Quicken Essentials for Mac) to a form that can be converted again (“imported,” to be precise) into the latest Quicken for Mac data format.

So, a few hours of labor, some expense, and one splitting headache later, she’s got all her important data completely intact and usable on Quicken Essentials running on her Mac with Mavericks.  Intuit (Quicken) technical support was absolutely no help, by the way — they said it absolutely, positively could not be done!

Another day, another Computer Guru success story!  Come on down to 844 Agua Fria Street if you, your computer, or your data are feeling unlucky…or if it’s time to upgrade or replace your existing machine with a new one!


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