Sonars and Lasers and Windows, Oh My!


Although many of my clients are just regular folks (individuals, members of families, and employees of businesses large and small), occasionally I get a high-tech client with unusual computing requirements.  Two such instances occurred just last week, and naturally, The Computer Guru was able to meet or exceed all of their needs.

One client needed to put a specialized laser cutting device into service (value: around $300,000), and the controller for this device required a very old computer system with an “ISA” expansion slot and Windows 98 (or earlier) operating system.  Computers like this have not been made for years, and most of them have long been relegated to the recycling bin, but I was able to scare up and prepare a suitable system for the client, a fully-operational museum piece, and deliver it under budget and ahead of schedule!

2014-03-28 12.16.28

The second client was using a fairly new Macintosh Pro notebook, but needed to run a “Windows Only” sonar training program (I asked him why he needed this, and he said if he told me, he’d have to kill me).  Before coming to see The Computer Guru, he purchased and attempted to install a “virtual Windows environment” on his Macintosh, but that didn’t work out.

I proposed instead a dual-boot Windows/Macintosh conversion, rather than attempting to emulate the Windows OS within MAC OSX.  This approach worked out nicely, and the client was even able to save a few hundred dollars by using an existing version of Office for Windows which he already owned, rather than having to buy a new copy of Office for Mac.  I also saved him money by supplying a single large external hard drive, partitioned into separate “Mac” and “PC” portions, which can back up both of his computer’s dual-personalities.

I told this die-hard Macintosh user that he would probably find the “Windows” side of his computer increasingly useful, now that I’d had my way with it, and he said he probably would!

Another week, another set of challenging computer issues solved in fine fashion by The Computer Guru here in the land of enchantment, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Don’t worry if your computing needs are less exceptional — I’m happy to help!

POSTSCRIPT:  The customer liked this setup so much he purchased another one!

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