Don’t Toss That XP Laptop Yet!!!


A client brought me her Windows XP laptop because she’d gotten the “End of Life” message from Microsoft.  She didn’t want to buy a new system, so I looked the system over and said, “I’m sure we can upgrade this unit to Windows 7.”  And so we did — for significantly less than a new laptop computer would have cost her.  And we kept all her peripherals, applications, and data intact.

My client had used this computer for many, many years, and as a writer, she had carefully chosen the computer originally for the quality of the keyboard and the screen. It fit her like an old glove. She didn’t like the cheap new Windows 8 systems she saw at the store. And so now, with this new lease on life, she’ll be using her “trusty computing companion” for many more years to come. 

Now, that’s value!

So visit The Computer Guru, and if we can keep your XP system going for a few more years, we will…otherwise I can provide a new or refurbished Windows 7 system with plenty of power, storage, and convenience.

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