Letter to The New York Times


Dear Haggler,

The nightmarish Best Buy service experience you described in your column ( http://nyti.ms/1ejVO8C ) is, alas, not exceptional.  In fact, the service at Best Buy is, on the whole, abysmal.

My small local computer sales and service business here in the Land of Enchantment (Santa Fe, New Mexico) thrives, year after year — in part, because of “refugees” from the horrors of Best Buy and their almost-a-joke “Geek Squad.”

You say keep it short, so one story out of the dozens accumulated over the years will have to suffice.


A frustrated customer brought their system in to me after rescuing it from weeks of abuse at Best Buy.  I started it up and noticed there was a Best Buy/Geek Squad diagnostic CD still in the drive.  I said, “hey, maybe there’s something useful on that disk,” so I ran it on one of my shop computers.

A few minutes later, my internet security program flashed a red warning on the screen, alerting me to the fact that there was a dangerous virus on the CD, and that my system was about to become infected if I didn’t remove it.

2014-04-22 17.41.24

Enough said!   I know Best Buy likes to sell new systems; I may have stumbled upon one unexpectedly-creative way they can accomplish that goal!

Steven Salemi
The Computer Guru
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA



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