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May 27, 2014


A client came to me with her favorite little laptop, a small Fujitsu PH520 which she’d been using for many years.  The machine had slowed down to a crawl, and the hope was that the machine could be sped up somehow and kept in service.  My client (not pictured above) loved the machine (similar Fujitsu unit pictured above), which was compact and light yet well-built and easy to travel with, and she didn’t really want to replace it.  Everything about it was perfect for her, except the speed.

Could anything be done?

Sure!  The solution turned out to be manifold.  First, I replaced the primary hard drive with a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD).  This significantly boosted the performance.  Second, I moved large amounts of her data to an external drive (and, ultimately, to the cloud).  Third, I performed a “clean Windows reinstallation” to correct the many issues her operating system was displaying, and give her a completely clean slate.  And lastly, I upgraded the standard 2GB of RAM to 4GB.

Mission accomplished!  This machine, which is already several years old, can now continue to be used…indefinitely!  No need to deal with Windows 8 or learn some other operating system (like MAC OSX).  No need to find something else of equal quality and proven reliability and convenience (not always so easy when “they don’t make them like they used to”).

No need, in fact, to do anything at all but continue using and enjoying the machine!

I’ll let the client speak for herself:






Personal Computing…A Family Affair at The Computer Guru!

May 23, 2014

Computing...A Family Affair at The Computer Guru!

A client needed a complete system rebuild, and since he often brought his young son into my shop with him, and the boy demonstrated a keen interest in computing, I suggested that he bring him along so that all three of us could do the rebuild together — a kind of fun teaching exercise and celebration of technology for the young one (and the elders as well!).

The job went smoothly, with lots of help and good ideas from everyone involved. A fine time was had by all! This exercise should qualify the young man for his Boy Scout Computing Merit Badge!

Mac Pro Power At PC Prices — From The Guru!

May 21, 2014


A client of mine has been eyeing the stout performance of the new $4,000 Apple Mac Pro desktop computer, but he prefers to use Windows PCs, and didn’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on an all-new high-end machine.  What to do?

I proposed a rebuild of his existing PC tower, replacing the innards with a new high-end Intel Xeon E5-based 6-core processor and mainboard, 16GB of fast RAM, and liquid-cooling.  This way, instead of buying an entirely new computer (which would have been quite costly at this level of performance), he only paid for the additional power he needed, and was able to preserve a large part of his current computer, both the physical components, as well as the Windows 7 operating system, applications, and data.

The result?  A lightning-fast powerhouse system with the awesome performance of a brand new Apple Mac Pro, along with the simplicity and economical pricing of a PC.  Best of both worlds, you could say — the creative and intelligent maximization of value.

If your system needs a power makeover like this one — or just a simple service — or anything in-between — be sure and visit The Guru!

With The Guru, Time Is On Your Side!

May 16, 2014

With The Guru, Time Is On Your Side!

A new client came to me the other day, absolutely baffled because the backup system for his business wasn’t working, and nobody but nobody could figure out why — not even the vendor of the specialized software he used to run his self-storage business.  The system backed up on request, and the backup files were there on the hard drive, but when examined closely, the backup files were completely empty!

Since his computer was pretty old, I offered him an updated custom-built Computer Guru Windows 7 system, and he was happy to acquire it — provided I could first solve the backup problem.  He didn’t want to spend money on a new machine, only to have the problem occur on the new machine also.

So I dug in…and for a time I was baffled myself, but then it hit me — the old computer was not keeping time properly, because the clock battery was old and weak.  Clock batteries should hold a steady 3 volts, but his only held 2.5 volts, enough to make a difference.  Although the time on his computer was accurate, the date had slipped to 1999 (nobody noticed this), which meant that the backup program was completely confused, and didn’t back up any data newer than 1999 — that is, no data at all.

Hence, the empty backup files.

Once this problem was understood and solved, the client happily acquired a new system from The Computer Guru.  I installed an optional built-in automatic backup system, a special add-on communications port, and a new version of the software he used to run his business…all for well under $700!  All is well now.

Another Computer Guru Success Story.  The Guru is ready when you are!