With The Guru, Time Is On Your Side!

With The Guru, Time Is On Your Side!

A new client came to me the other day, absolutely baffled because the backup system for his business wasn’t working, and nobody but nobody could figure out why — not even the vendor of the specialized software he used to run his self-storage business.  The system backed up on request, and the backup files were there on the hard drive, but when examined closely, the backup files were completely empty!

Since his computer was pretty old, I offered him an updated custom-built Computer Guru Windows 7 system, and he was happy to acquire it — provided I could first solve the backup problem.  He didn’t want to spend money on a new machine, only to have the problem occur on the new machine also.

So I dug in…and for a time I was baffled myself, but then it hit me — the old computer was not keeping time properly, because the clock battery was old and weak.  Clock batteries should hold a steady 3 volts, but his only held 2.5 volts, enough to make a difference.  Although the time on his computer was accurate, the date had slipped to 1999 (nobody noticed this), which meant that the backup program was completely confused, and didn’t back up any data newer than 1999 — that is, no data at all.

Hence, the empty backup files.

Once this problem was understood and solved, the client happily acquired a new system from The Computer Guru.  I installed an optional built-in automatic backup system, a special add-on communications port, and a new version of the software he used to run his business…all for well under $700!  All is well now.

Another Computer Guru Success Story.  The Guru is ready when you are!

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