Mac Pro Power At PC Prices — From The Guru!


A client of mine has been eyeing the stout performance of the new $4,000 Apple Mac Pro desktop computer, but he prefers to use Windows PCs, and didn’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on an all-new high-end machine.  What to do?

I proposed a rebuild of his existing PC tower, replacing the innards with a new high-end Intel Xeon E5-based 6-core processor and mainboard, 16GB of fast RAM, and liquid-cooling.  This way, instead of buying an entirely new computer (which would have been quite costly at this level of performance), he only paid for the additional power he needed, and was able to preserve a large part of his current computer, both the physical components, as well as the Windows 7 operating system, applications, and data.

The result?  A lightning-fast powerhouse system with the awesome performance of a brand new Apple Mac Pro, along with the simplicity and economical pricing of a PC.  Best of both worlds, you could say — the creative and intelligent maximization of value.

If your system needs a power makeover like this one — or just a simple service — or anything in-between — be sure and visit The Guru!

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