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The Ultimate COMPUTING Machine (UCM) — From The Computer Guru!

July 26, 2014


A new client dropped by my office with his lovely wife, after an extended trip to Europe.  He’d come home and began downloading thousands of large, high-resolution photographs from the trip onto his older Dell Inspiron computer, and found his small 320GB hard drive filling up fast, and the relatively slow machine straining under the load.

I recommended a beautiful new custom-built Computer Guru desktop system (see the photo above), specially equipped to handle easy storage and processing of lots and lots of photographs. The final configuration included a speedy Intel Xeon processor (comparable to an Apple Mac Pro, but for far less money), a 512GB solid state drive for the Windows Operating System and Applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Lightroom, and two additional 1TB hard drives: one for data storage (all those photos), and the other for easy, automatic, daily backup.

I also installed a “fanless” high-performance NVIDIA graphics system for fast rendering of large megapixel photo files, along with absolutely silent operation, even under high video loads.

This sleek, quiet, ultrafast system was actually styled by BMW Group Design, the same guys who put a great face on all those expensive zoomy sports cars and sedans.  After migrating some applications and all his existing data from the dying old machine to the new one, this client is all set up for the future, thanks to The Computer Guru!