Rocky Best Buy Beginnings, Happy Computer Guru Endings!


In a weak moment, a client of mine bought a Sony All-In-1 system from Best Buy (they offered him credit, which I could not), and got what he thought was a terrific deal — until a few months later, when the hard drive died.  He brought it in to Best Buy’s infamous “Geek Squad,” hoping for a quick fix, but was told that the system had to be shipped back to Sony in order to be repaired.  No amount of squawking could change this, and when the unit was finally completed, nearly 7 calendar weeks had passed — my friend being without a computer, of course, all of this time. 

7 weeks!!!

The ludicrousness of this situation became apparent when the system came into my shop again, a year or so later, for a second failed hard drive.  This time, The Computer Guru (that’s me) performed the repair.  Time to replace the hard drive:  20 minutes.  Time to restore the operating system and applications software: 2 hours.  Total Repair Time: 2 hours 20 minutes.

7 weeks or 140 minutes?  Well now, you decide!  Come to The Computer Guru for all your repairs, upgrades, and system purchases.  I have a fantastic selection of new and refurbished machines you won’t see anywhere else.  With The Guru, you can’t go wrong, and you won’t have to wait a lifetime!!!

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