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New Bodies, Old Brains at The Computer Guru!!!

September 28, 2014



No, I’m not talking about myself, nor my clients — I’m talking about one of the specialties de maison at The Computer Guru in Santa Fe — taking an existing functional (older) Windows computer system, and “transplanting” that Windows environment — “the brain” — into a brand new “body” — a more powerful, more contemporary, and more capable hardware system.

Keep the best (your existing programs and data), and lose the rest (your slow and tired old hardware), in other words.

This is ordinarily an impossible task, and you’ll never find Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” advertising it.  If you try to copy an old Windows environment onto a new computer system, it will crash as badly as The Hindenberg.  But over the years I’ve developed several techniques that allow me to make this “impossible” procedure work beautifully.

My client, a professional real-estate estimator, was using a custom-built Computer Guru PC I had built for him about 10 years ago, and it was still humming along with its Intel Core 2 Duo processor, but it was time to upgrade to a powerful Core i7 chip, some newer, faster hard drives, better video, a full-time integrated backup system, etc.

My client did not want to have to recreate his carefully-architected and fine-tuned assemblage of real-estate and financial programs, which were serving his needs beautifully.  So I proposed the brain transplant into a powerful new system, and he gave the okay.  A few short days later, he took home his fantastic new liquid-cooled high-performance personal computer, which should meet all his professional computing needs for the NEXT ten years!

In other words, there is no reason for anyone to slog along with an old system just because they want to avoid the pain of transitioning to a new computer.  The Computer Guru in Santa Fe can make this process, and every other aspect of your computing experience, pleasant, positive, and painless for you!

Elegant Bose Looks at Computer Guru Prices!!!

September 9, 2014


A client wanted a new system for his office, compact yet powerful, and attractive, since he often brought his clients to his workplace and planned to make a positive high-tech impression. I proposed this contemporary-looking, “Bose-like” computer system. With a speedy Intel processor and solid state drive, the Windows 7 operating system, and an integrated, fully-automatic backup system, my client is ready to roll.  Another winning system from The Computer Guru!  Come get yours today.