Help your Macbook (Air) Take Flight!


Before I learned to love Macs, I enjoyed focusing on their many flaws and shortcomings when compared to Windows PCs.  But since I learned to love Macs (a long time ago, now), I still find it hard to ignore their occasional weaknesses and annoyances.  Luckily for my clients, these weaknesses can be overcome, with expert help from The Computer Guru in Santa Fe!

Many people bring me their MacBook and MacBook Air computers, and these machines are barely running.  Sometimes it’s a fouled-up software environment or failing hard drive or inadequate RAM or something, but more often, it’s the simple fact that the hard drive (in a MacBook Air, as small as 64GB, smaller than many smartphones and, on average, much smaller than a Windows PC) has filled up completely, and the machine is bursting at the seams with photos, documents, music…

I suppose Apple thought they could “get away” with using small hard drives because they figured everyone would just “store everything on the cloud,” but the problem is that people just can’t seem to figure out how to use “the cloud” effectively to store and retrieve their data.  Many people don’t even know what “the cloud” is, exactly, or where to find it, or…and which cloud are we talking about?  The Apple cloud?  The Microsoft cloud?  The Google cloud?  The Real Player cloud?

People are hereby forgiven for having difficulty with understanding and using “the cloud,” and advised to come to see The Computer Guru in Santa Fe for help.  One can also argue (and I will!) that the cloud is a fine “backup” system for your hard drive’s data, but (contrary to the opinion of cloud-advocates) no substitute:  it is more convenient to store everything on your computer’s built-in hard drive, which makes all your stuff quickly and easily accessible, without having to know the ins and outs of the cloud, and without requiring an active internet connection or long data-transfer times.

So don’t worry too much about the cloud, and especially, don’t worry if the hard drive on your MacBook Air or Pro (or your Windows PC, for that matter, desktop or portable) is full.  Just come to see The Computer Guru in Santa Fe.  I can upgrade your computer with a larger, faster hard drive, and all your “space problems” will disappear immediately.  Most machines receive same day service — in by noon, out by 6 — so come on down!





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