If You Don’t Watch Your (Internet) Speed, Who Will?

Is Your Internet Scary Fast, Or Just Scary?

It happens more and more often — customers bring in a machine for service, and magically, it runs much, much better here in my shop than it did at home, or at the office.

Now, part of that is all the good computer vibes I’ve accumulated here since I opened my doors 20 years ago, but the other part is the fact that I have excellent high-speed internet service (two independent lines, actually) here in my shop.

But what do these customers have at home, or at their office?  Sometimes, something downright scary.  Scary slow.  Scary obsolete.  Scary erratic.

Scary inadequate, in other words.

Which Internet Service To Choose?

Here in the Santa Fe area, and many surrounding towns, there isn’t much choice, when it comes to internet.  The best, fastest, most reliable service by a very large margin is offered by Comcast (XFINITY).  If you can get Comcast internet at your location, just get it.  They have a variety of plans and packages, some including telephone and cable television, but you can get internet-only service, if you desire.  Talk to Comcast (1-800-COMCAST) for details.

The other choice, offered by Centurylink (“The Phone Company”), employs older, slower “DSL” technology, not cable.  It is much, much slower than Comcast cable, often extremely slow, and sometimes unreliable.  It’s a very basic, low-speed choice.

There are only two scenarios I can think of where you might want Centurylink DSL.  First, is when you simply can not GET Comcast at your location, it’s unavailable (sometimes in remote or rural areas), and Second, if you are indifferent to speed and want or need to keep your monthly internet bill as low as possible.

That’s it!  Only two choices.  Don’t you wish everything was that simple?

Is My Equipment Up To The Task?

Your internet service is an important factor in the quality of your computing experience, but there’s more to it.  The quality, capabilities, and capacity of the computers you use also play a part.  In fact, the very latest Comcast Cable Internet Speeds require certain specific hardware configurations in order to function effectively. Unless your computer meets certain standards, you won’t get any of that extra speed, even if you’re paying for it!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to puzzle any of this out.  Just visit The Computer Guru of Santa Fe.  We sit down, and review your situation in detail.  If I can upgrade your existing equipment to achieve good results, that’s what we’ll do.  Otherwise, I can recycle your old machinery and offer you a fine selection of small, attractive, affordable yet powerful state-of-the-art systems.

You can choose from among desktops or laptops, a range of fast processors and monitor sizes, solid state and traditional hard drives (with virtually no storage limit), integrated automatic fail-safe full-time backup systems, business or gaming graphics — you name it!

The Computer Guru Makes It All Easy

You can test drive your newly-configured system right here in my shop. Working together, we set up your internet, your email, your programs, your favorites, your passwords, your existing documents, photographs, and music…everything. So when you take your new system home, all you do is plug and play! And down the line, whether it’s service or upgrades, you know exactly where to go, and who to talk to.

The Computer Guru of Santa Fe is located at 844 Agua Fria Street at the Southeast corner of the intersection of Agua Fria Street and St. Francis Drive, across from Lotus Beauty. There is plenty of free parking.

The Computer Guru of Santa Fe is open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, Wednesday & Friday from 10AM to 2PM, other days/times by appointment.

For the newbies, The Computer Guru is One Person — Serving Santa Fe in One location, since 1996 — working hard to keep Santa Fe’s computers up and running beautifully, and their owners happy, satisfied, and productive!


In One Location Since 1996, The Computer Guru of Santa Fe: Solving The Tough Problems, Keeping Customers Happy and Machines Working Beautifully.





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