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The Computer Guru of Santa Fe

January 31, 2018

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

January 28, 2018

Would you like to learn more about The Computer Guru of Santa Fe?  All the excellent products and services I offer?  All the hard-core problem-solving I’ve done for my many happy customers, over the years?  All the creative thinking and long-time industry experience and know-how that is at your disposal when you become a customer?

If so, there are two great places you can go.

One, is to read these blog entries — there are many, just keep scrolling down! — and they are full of great information.  They’ll certainly give you an accurate picture of what goes on here at my fully-equipped showroom and shop on Agua Fria Street!

Second, visit The Computer Guru of Santa Fe’s Facebook page at:

…and read all about it!  These two online resources will tell you much of what you need to know!


The Computer Guru of Santa Fe is located at 844 Agua Fria Street at the Southeast corner of the intersection of Agua Fria Street and St. Francis Drive, across from Lotus Beauty. There is plenty of free parking.

The Computer Guru of Santa Fe is open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, Wednesday & Friday from 10AM to 2PM, other days/times by appointment.

For the newbies, The Computer Guru is One Person — Serving Santa Fe in One location, since 1996 — working hard to keep Santa Fe’s computers up and running beautifully, and their owners happy, satisfied, and productive!