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November 8, 2013
FOUR XP Systems?!?!?  Mission Impossible...

FOUR XP Systems?  By TONIGHT?!?!?  Mission Impossible…NOT!
(Photo by K. Fox)

I got an unusual request from a client — he needed four computer towers running licensed copies of Windows XP SP3 (long retired by Microsoft), and he needed them in a hurry — by the end of the same day he called.  I agreed, not sure where they all would come from, but hoping and trusting I could manage it.

When I arrived at work, there were sufficient components on hand to build three, and a few hours later another client showed up, bought a new laptop, and traded in his old desktop machine, which became machine #4.  All machines were built and delivered on time, the client is happy, and it’s back to business as usual — selling new and refurbished Apple and Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1 desktop and notebook systems, and performing upgrades, repairs, and maintenance on existing systems…

…and, occasionally, pulling a rabbit (or four) out of my hat…

Got Windows 7 If You Want It!

February 16, 2013


Since it’s every bit as easy for me to prepare a Windows 7 system as it is for me to prepare a Windows 8 system, I’m constantly astonished at how many phone calls I get from people who have purchased Windows 8 systems, can’t stand the experience, and are desperate for me to sell them a new Windows 7 system, or replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 on their existing system.  When I tell them that it’s no problem either way, the callers are incredulous, like they don’t believe me or something.

After all, how could I have brand new Windows 7 systems for sale, when that big bright gigantic office or big box- store has nothing but Windows 8 systems?

Hey, take the red pill, kids!

The purpose of this piece isn’t to go on a rant about how (or whether) “Windows 8 stinks,” it’s to let potential customers know that The Computer Guru has the largest selection of Windows 7 systems in the State of New Mexico!  I can build any custom system with Windows 7, and I have a wide variety of new and refurbished desktop and notebook systems on display which are already equipped with Windows 7, ready for buyers to take home.  If you see something you like in my showroom and it happens to have Windows 8, just give me a few hours and the system will be professionally transformed into a fine Windows 7 system, guaranteed by The Guru.

In short, Windows 7 systems are absolutely no problem when you turn to The Computer Guru for all your computing needs.  By the way, it will cost you less, in both money and time and hassle, if you come here first — before going through that unnecessary office/big box-store loop!

Heck, you can even have Windows 98 or Windows XP systems if you want them…but that’s another subject for another day.