Although I suppose I’m opening myself up to criticism (if not mockery!) for using the U.S. Government as an example of how to run anything, in fact the “separation of powers” ensured by the founding fathers of our country (and first developed in Ancient Greece) is pretty good thinking.

The same good thinking should be applied to your computer — and can be, if you purchase your new computer from The Computer Guru, or have your existing system upgraded by The Computer Guru.

In your typical factory-built off-the-shelf computer system, the kind you buy from Best Buy or Office Depot or Amazon or Apple or Dell or Ebay or something, you typically get a single large, inexpensive hard drive that is meant to store EVERYTHING — your operating system, your applications, and your data (documents, music, photographs, videos, e-mail).

This may seem reasonable, but in fact is intensely problematic:

1.  Where’s the backup?  You can’t back up to the same drive on which everything is stored, because when the drive dies, there goes your backup!

2.  What about Solid State Drives?  SSDs, as they are called, are beautifully fast drives, and can really make computing pleasurable and productive.  But SSDs are usually not large enough to store everything you’ve got.  So ordinarily you have a choice — forego the benefits of SSDs, or enjoy them, but at the risk of constantly running out of room (or spending a small fortune on jumbo SSDs).  How many 64GB or 128GB MacBook Air notebooks have come to the Computer Guru, stuffed absolutely full and inoperative, and requiring costly storage upgrades?

3.  What happens when things go south?  Computer operating systems get fouled-up all the time, due to virus infections and corrupted files and programs and other software and hardware problems, but why put your precious data at the very same risk?

Remember the “Separation of Powers?”  Well, The Computer Guru in Santa Fe specializes in “Separation of Content,” creating affordable systems with as many as three hard drives, all-of-them speedy and reliable, located inside the computer box, and dedicated to separate, specific functions (or “jobs.”).

The primary operating system drive is a solid state drive, and is large enough for your operating system and your applications (iTunes, Photoshop or iPhoto, QuickBooks or Quicken, Microsoft Office, etc.), but small enough to be affordable.

The second hard drive is where all “your stuff” goes — your documents, music, photographs, financial and medical records, e-mail, and so on.  This drive is as large as you want it to be, affordably priced, and can easily be upgraded at any time — you need NEVER run out of space, lose important information, or be forced to replace your computer as a result!

Moving data off of the primary drive and onto a second dedicated data drive requires special programming, but for The Guru, it’s easy and for you, it’s transparent, totally reliable, and permanent — a no-brainer, once done.

And the third hard drive is large enough to back up the first two drives — reliably and automatically, without the user (that’s you) having to lift a finger or “remember” to back up, ever!  It’s done automatically, robotically, seamlessly — in the night while you sleep, if you wish.

With a Computer Guru backup solution, not only does your “stuff” get backed up, but — unlike “off-the-shelf” external hard drive solutions from big box stores, or the increasingly-popular but snail-slow and woefully-inadequate “cloud backups” — The Computer Guru backup creates a “system image” of your entire software system, not just your files but the entire “as-installed” system — operating system, applications, content, updates…everything.

So in the event of trouble, restoring the system can take just a few minutes…not several days…and you won’t lose a thing…or need to go scrounging around for installation disks and product codes and passwords…and you’ll save a lot of money!

So if you buy a new computer from “somewhere else” (heaven forbid) and (like most people) you have just one, or even two hard drives, you’re not playing with a full deck.  After all, would you want to fly to Europe on an airplane with just one engine?  No, not unless you’re Amelia Earhart (right).

So come to The Computer Guru in Santa Fe for all your computing needs, and remember that (when it comes to hard drive storage and efficient, trouble-free system configurations) three is the magic number!

A Dell Tower, Recently-Upgraded for Full-Functionality By The Computer Guru of Santa Fe!

A Dell Tower, Recently-Upgraded for Full-Functionality By The Computer Guru of Santa Fe!

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